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Aerospace Satellite

How We Can Help You

Systems Engineering
Mission Operations
Sensor Processing
Technical Globe Illustration

Sensor Processing Architects

  • GEOINT and SIGINT systems

  • Cloud-native software design

  • High-performance computing

  • Machine learning/deep learning

  • Microservice architectures

  • Agile software development

  • DevOps engineering

Cloud Engineering & Transformation

  • Cleared AWS and C2S experts

  • Ability to architect cloud native solutions resulting in significant IT savings

  • Generate requirements to migrate large programs to C2S

  • Close working relations with commercial vendors utilizing cutting-edge COTS products

Cloud Engineering

Systems Engineering 

  • Requirements definition and allocation

  • Hardware design requirements and specifications for systems and subsystems

  • Interface control, requirements, and verification

  • Satellite constellation planning

  • Design review implementation

  • System integration and test activities: planning, verification, and evaluation

  • Performance monitoring, compliance verification

  • Configuration control processes

Globe Data Point Software

Mission Operations

  • Mission requirements evaluation and analysis

  • Launch, early orbit planning, and execution

  • Mission procedure development, including

  • Contingency planning and rehearsal

  • Mission data reporting and dissemination

  • Launch and mission technical support​

  • Training support

Strategic Planning & Acquisition 

  • Architecture assessment and planning

  • Technology innovation, application, and insertion

  • Feasibility studies and analysis

  • Roadmap development and creation

  • Technical requirements identified and allocation

  • Budget planning and execution

  • Source selection activities

Plannig & Acquisition

Data Analytics 



  • Multi-Int 

  • Big Data scientists

  • Cloud-based analytical based solutions

  • Remote ground terminal integration support

  • Ground terminal processing architectures

  • Exploitation algorithm applications integration

Data Analytics
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