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What Do Cloud Engineers Do?

A cloud engineer is an expert in information technology that is responsible for all technical responsibilities that concerns cloud computing such as cloud computing, cloud management, cloud support, cloud design, and cloud maintenance.

There are several roles that can be performed by a cloud engineer in an organization. Every role of a cloud engineer is related to cloud computing and they include:

Cloud Architecture

Cloud architecture has to do with building the cloud framework. This involves building cloud networking, computing, and security.

Cloud structure is very important as it determines who can access the cloud services and also helps the organization cut unnecessary costs.

Cloud contracts are delicate to build because they are variable and determine how the organization would put the cloud services to use.

Cloud Development

Cloud development is the part of cloud engineering that takes care of developing the database, applications, and functions that operate on the cloud.

Cloud developers are conversant with how applications run on the database in varied locations and how to examine or handle processes involved in leasing hardware.

Cloud Administration

Cloud administration involves managing and organizing the functions of both the cloud software and hardware.

Cloud administration involves the development and execution of systems for using the cloud services, creating a safe cloud environment, managing new requests, and making sure cloud services are available when they are needed.

How to Become a Cloud Engineer

Becoming a cloud engineer would require formal education beginning with a four-year bachelor’s degree. Highlighter belle are the steps to guide you on your journey to becoming a cloud engineer

  • Get a bachelor's degree.

Before going on to become a cloud engineer, you would need to acquire a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field such as computer science.

If you want to become a cloud engineer, it is advisable to opt for technical courses in computer studies. A bachelor’s degree would lay a good foundation for your career and other degrees if you decide to pursue them.

  • Have knowledge of programming languages.

Programming language is an important part of any computer and IT-related career. The knowledge of programming languages would be used regularly in the cloud engineering field.

Languages like C++, Ruby, Python, and Java. Also, learning and understanding mainstream cloud services like Hadoop, AWS, and Azure is a plus for you as a cloud engineer.

  • Practice and get some experience in the field.

After acquiring the required knowledge and skills, it is important that you practice and put your knowledge to work in order to perfect them.

You could apply for internships and other means that allow you to improve your skills. This is also a great way to build your portfolio and understand how to apply the knowledge and skills you have obtained in a practical setting.

  • Think about getting higher degrees.

Higher degrees and certificates qualify you for more jobs than a bachelor’s degree. If you want to go up the ladder as a cloud engineer, you should consider a master’s degree and other higher degrees.

Getting a graduate degree exposes you to more knowledge and helps you gain mastery of your craft, which makes you more valuable in the labor market.

  • Get certified in a cloud-based profession.

Get certificates for cloud computing as certificates are good for showcasing your knowledge and level of expertise in the field.

Several platforms like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google offer certificates for cloud engineering and computing. All you have to do is take the necessary examinations and meet the required pass mark.

Where Can You Work as a Cloud Engineer?

Cloud engineers are useful in every industry. Any organization or establishment that uses information technology and other computer services would need a cloud engineer to manage, operate, and maintain the system.

How much can you earn as a cloud engineer?

Cloud engineers can make very good pay of approximately $128,837 yearly. How much you earn as a cloud engineer depends on your certifications, the role you play in the organization, and your level of skill and expertise. More experienced cloud engineers can earn as much as $165,500 in one year.

In the coming years, the salary of cloud engineers will increase significantly since they are in high demand.

Due to the wide acceptance of technology and IT in various industries, cloud engineers are needed to ensure the smooth operation of these systems which puts them on the list for high-income earners.

What are the Necessary Skills for a Cloud Engineer?

To perform your duties in any role as a cloud engineer effectively, there are necessary skills that you must have and they include

  • Linux

Every cloud engineer should be able to understand the Linux operating system. Linux is used by a lot of companies for cloud development and adequate understanding is required to help you understand, operate, and manage cloud services.

  • Database and database management skills

Cloud engineers should have skills in database management including Hadoop and MySQL.

  • Programming

Every cloud engineer should have excellent programming skills and a good understanding of programming languages like Java, Ruby, PHP, SQL, Python, Golang, and. NET.

  • Networking

Cloud engineers need to have a good understanding of networks and network management functions.

  • DevOps

DevOps is a prominent framework for cloud engineering. Adequate knowledge and understanding of DevOps like Amazon Web Services DevOps make you an asset to your employer.

  • Containerization

Cloud engineers should have mastery in containerization tools and know Docker and Kubernetes.

  • Virtualization

A Cloud engineer should be able to locate and operate application software on virtual engines.

  • Understanding of cloud providers

Different cloud providers offer different cloud features and practices. This is why a good understanding of different cloud providers and what they offer is an essential skill of cloud engineers.

  • Web services and application programming interfaces (APIs).

Cloud engineers should have knowledge of open standards like XML (Extensible Markup Language), WSDL (Web Services Description Language), SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), and UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration), and also know how APIs are built.

Cloud engineering is a very important and lucrative career path as every industry requires the services of a cloud engineer to manage and run their cloud-based computer services. If you’re or in need of a cloud engineer, reach out to Element X today!



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