Engineering the Future, Today

ElementX provides sound technical analysis and system engineering recommendations across a broad spectrum of problem sets based on current and anticipated future customer requirements - specializing in the aerospace industry.

Technical Support

  • Requirements definition and allocation

  • System/subsystem and hardware design requirements and specifications

  • Interface control, requirements and verification

  • Satellite constellation planning

  • Design review implementation

  • System/subsystem integration and test activities: planning, verification and evaluation

  • Performance monitoring, compliance verification​

  • Configuration control processes

Strategic Planning



  • Architecture assessment/planning​

  • Technology innovation/application/insertion​

  • Feasibility studies and analysis​

  • Roadmap development/creation

  • Technical requirements identified and allocation​

  • Budget planning and execution

  • ​Source selection activities

Mission Operations

  • Mission requirements evaluation and analysis

  • Launch, early orbit planning and execution

  • Mission procedure development, including

  • Contingency planning and rehearsal

  • Mission data reporting and dissemination

  • Launch and mission technical support

  • ​Training support


Spatial Intelligence


  • ​Multi-Int Solution Sets

  • ​Activity-based Intelligence

  • ​National Technical Means

  • ​Enterprise Collection Orchestration

Program Management

  • Earned value management (EVM)​

  • Business process improvement​

  • Programmatic reviews​

  • Baseline management and control​

    • Program schedule management

    • Budget assessment and cost analysis

    • On-site monitoring

    • Technical and contractual compliance assessment

    • Risk management

    • Insurance procurement management

Cloud Engineering

  • Cleared AWS/C2S experts​

  • Ability to architect cloud-native solutions resulting in significant IT savings​

  • Generate requirements to migrate large programs to C2S​​

  • Close working relationships with commercial vendors utilizing cutting edge COTS products

Mission Resiliency 

  • Continuity of operations and resiliency engineering

  • Creation of executable plans to maximize survivability

  • Test execution of resiliency/continuity plans

  • Identification and Implementation of Resiliency requirements during the acquisition phase